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Privacy Policy

At Link Posting Homes, we value your privacy and reiterate our compliance with the highest universal standards of protection of personal data. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and protect the data that you offer while using our website or services. The maintenance of your personal information and the security of the data is very important to us, hence our commitment.

If you search or use our site or services, we shall gather some of the information from you. It can be any information you provide us such as name, email address, or other data. We will assure you that we will use this information only for the particular purpose you have allowed us to use.

As we committed that your privacy matters, we take care and follow the anti-theft rules. It means we adopt secure systems that employ technologies to create barriers between information that should not be accessed or used inappropriately.

We have written our privacy policy to inform you about exactly what we do with data and to let you know that we really make an effort to look after it. If you have any objections or doubts about how we deal with your personal information, you can feel free to contact us.

Information We Collect and Why

While visiting our website or using our services, we could collect some data in order to provide us more clarity on how we could improve our site giving more benefits to you.

Firstly, there's non-personal information. The scope goes over your particular conditions as well as the type of internet access you have, the browser you normally use, your preferred language, or the actual time you visited our site. By understanding these metrics, we know how to evolve our website to give materials needed and services efficiently.

Then, there's personal information. This is for instance your name, e-mail address, personal details, etc. We merely do so that we are able to contact you easily and achieve the IASB's goals.

Individuals are different in many respects, and therefore we strive to make each person feel unique. As such, this is why we carefully use the data we gather to design services, especially for you by providing a service that will help you solve your needs.

However, your privacy is our top concern. We understand the importance of your information, and secure systems will be used to keep it safe, and the purposes mentioned in this policy are the only ones for which we will use this information. Please check if you need any clarification on how we process your data. Just inform us whenever. We're here to help!

How We Collect Data

We collect the data depending upon how you make activity on our web to know according to your interest. It is during these instances such as when you come to our website, get our service, or interact with us in any way that this becomes relevant. To achieve this, we deploy the help of cookies and internet pixels that could help us in this regard. The tools enable us to learn at every turn how effective our site is, and what we need to do to improve our services.

For instance, the moment you visit our website and interact with the information available there, we will collect the data and store it. But please be assured that even if you only chose to look at us, or contacted us; we'd be counting you among those people, too. This matters because, when we find out what is forcing our quality to increase and decrease, we know what we are doing right and if we have to adjust anything.

We apply cookies which are tiny files stored in your device in order to recall your choices and thus give you a seamless web experience. Internet pixels open the road to tracking your every move through the site, thanks to the tiny images that are embedded in the web pages themselves.

No need to worry though since we do not use the data for any other purpose than that of ensuring that our website works well for you. Our client's data is strictly confidential and we never disclose it to any other third party or entity than those with whom the client has permission to share. We respect your privacy, and we will do our best to apply all the needed regulations.

How We Use Your Data

You can feel assured that your information is completely safe with us. We use your information for the following purposes:

  • Making and increasing the quality of our services.
  • Either to get in touch with you about your questions, purchase offers, getting opinions, or to communicate with you openly based on them.
  • To be able to present our services and products that meet your special needs and make them customizable to you.
  • For sending timely updates, notifications, and deals related to our services, we need this information.

Data Disclosure

Your privacy is of critical importance to us and we therefore are committed to protecting your privacy. Respect for your privacy is our priority and also means that we don't give/borrow/sell your personal information to anyone else. Nevertheless, we also have the chance to cooperate with the trusted ones, these partners who provide us with a better opportunity to make our work done better.

These partner companies may be interested in helping our business with things like processing transactions, determining how well our business is doing, or putting extra effort into our marketing initiatives. However, don’t be concerned as we only made them private to what is really needed by them and so you know they keep your data safe like ourselves.

On the other hand, we may have to disclose your information to comply with the existing regulations, or for safety/wellness and our overall welfare which include rights and protection. However, the collecting of this information will only take place when utterly necessary and following legal regulations.

In our system we care for your personal privacy, therefore we promise to make the best possible effort to protect your information. We are open and ready to answer all your data privacy-related questions and concerns!

Your Choices and Responsibilities

  • Data Retention: We hold the data available anytime it is required for the mentioned purposes only in our Privacy Policy.
  • Account Closure: Ending your account here is always up to you and we will either delete your documents or they will be anonymized (except legally enforced).
  • Data Security: Our place security comes first, and we require our users to provide us with their information to protect every individual. However, no other method of transferring information via the Internet is 100% secure. There is no way that we can guarantee absolute upload over your date.
  • Control Over Personal Information: Personal information that you give to us is something that you have control over. Austerity is needed, so we advise you against sharing unnecessary details.

Links to Third-Party Websites

This might mean that your data will be forwarded to third parties in other countries, like the United States, for instance, where the laws are weak with respect to privacy protection unlike in your own country. This is what we might do in case you want us to deliver the products or the services to you.

Through the way we operate, you acknowledge that your personal data may be transferred to other nations doing that. That's what we do whenever we are providing you with a service.

But we will keep your data always secure, so you do not feel unsafe even while being abroad. Moreover, be sure that our jurisdictions agree on data transfer and protection regulations, and we will do it in a way that keeps your data safe and sound.

International Data Transfer

As part of the agreement within our Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you have the right to use our services. We also have the right to your provided information as written on our website and they are one of the factors we use to operate.

In some instances, you could have a situation where Terms will control the Privacy Policy. From this, it can be noted that no matter the case, it is the Terms and Conditions that will supersede.

You won't miss anything as our terms and conditions are on this website. The link can come into effect while using our services. Lastly, if you don't understand how we collect, store, or delete information under the Privacy Policy you can ask. Besides, we’re available round the clock to guide you through your rights and obligations when you use our platform.

Legal Notices

This Privacy Policy is subject to our Terms and Conditions available on our website. In case of any discrepancies, the Terms and Conditions prevail. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the data handling process.

Although we wish to be completely transparent and have given you all the details of our privacy policy. For using our services, you will consent to this Privacy Policy and the terms that are clearly must be followed. It is also our privilege to keep on updating or also changing any time of this policy so, we strongly recommend that you read it from time to time.